And Then There Were None

Year: 1945
Studio: Twentieth Century Fox/Populair Pictures Inc.
Genre: Giallo/Film Drammatico
Musical Score:
Music Director:

1-A – Main Title 1-B – Toward the Island 2-A – Introduction to “Ten Little Indians” 2-B – Prisoners of the Bar 3-D – First Indian Missing 3-E – First Morning 3-F – Through the Keyhole 3-G – Goodnight 4-B – No Boat 4-C – Start of Rain 4-D – Mr. Owen is One of Us 5-A – Another Morning 6-A – Seaweeds 6-F – Another One Missing 7-A – The Bee 9-A – Vera Screams 9-D – Gun on the Floor 9-E – Carrying the Body 9-F – Flashlight 10-A – In Vera’s Bedroom 10-B – Blore is Thinking 10-C – Blore’s death 10-D – Two Bodies 11-B – Now Shoot 11-C – Retrospect 11-D – End Title