The Brigand

Year: 1952
Studio: Columbia
Genre: Avventura/Film Romantico
Musical Score:
Music Director: Morris Stoloff

La Juar’a (Two guitar version) La Juar’a (Revised version) 1-A – Main Title 1-B – Brigand Attack 1-C – Dolores and Carlos 1-D – Carlos Duels 2-A – Triano Enters 2-C – The Doubles Meet 3-B – The Hunt 4-A – Ruiz Rides 4-B – The Princess Arrives 4-C – Carlos Returns 4-D – Reception March 5-B – Meeting the Princess 5-C – Visit from the Sultan 6-A – Garden Love Scene 6-B – Mandorra Valse 6-D – Flora Detective (The Pendant) 7-A – Flora Discovers the Impostor 7-B – In the Crypt 8-A – Carlos Escapes 8-B – In the Chapel 8-C – Flora’s Visit 8-D – Dr. Lopez Opens the Gates 9-A – Lovers Talk 9-B – De la Force Foiled 9-C – Tower Rescue 10-A – Flora Killed 10-B – Two Against One 10-C – End Title