The Loves of Carmen

Year: 1948
Studio: Columbia/Beckworth
Genre: Film Drammatico/Avventura
Musical Score:
Music Director: M. W. Stoloff
Music/Lyrics: "The Love of a Gypsy" by M. W. Stoloff and Fred Karger

1-A – Main Title 1-B – The Dragoons 1-C – Through the Streets of Seville 1-D – Watch Chimes Wedding March 1-E – Revised Wedding March for violin and guitar 1-F – Oranges 1-G – Cigarette Factory 2-A – Carmen and the Canaries 2-B – Fight in the Factory 2-C – Carmen Escapes 2-E – Sentry Duty in the Rain 2-F – Zarzuela Valse (At the Colonel’s Party) 3-B – Meet Me in One Hour 3-C – The Fat is Spitting 3-D – José Comes Over the Wall 4-B – Love Can Die 4-C – Fight Between Gentlemen 4-D – José and Andres in the Barracks 4-E – The Cards, part 1 5-A – The Cards, part 2 5-B – The Dagger 5-C – Up in Carmen’s Room 6-C – Rivals 6-E – Up in the Mountains 7-A – Who Is Garcia? 7-B – Carmen’s Husband 8-A – Fight in the Rocks 8-B – Remondado Is Killed 8-D – Honorable Don José 8-E – On the Road to Córdoba 9-A – Carmen Meets Lucas 9-B – Heartsick José (Revised) 9-C – José Kills Garcia 10-2 – Garcia’s Burial 10-A – Se–or and Se–ora Lizarabengoa 10-B – José the Highwayman (Montage) 10-C – Dog and Wolf 11-A – A Payillo Conscience 11-C – José Alone 11-D – Who Is It Now? 11-E – Cards Never Lie 12-A – Off To the Bullfight 12-B – El Corral de la Plaza 12-C – Death and the Black Cat