The Long Wait

Year: 1954
Studio: Park Lane/UA/Goldwyn
Genre: Crime/Drama
Musical Score: Leo F. Forbstein
Music Director:

Main Title R1 P2 – The Truck R1 P3 – Scarred Hands R1 P4 – Off to Lyncastle R2 P1 – Off to Lyncastle R2 P2 – The Registration Card R2 P3 – To the Library R4 P1A – McBride Humming Rhumba R4 P2 – Thugs Liquidated R5 P2 – To Venus’s Shop R6 P1 – Mysterious Shot R6 P2 – The Key R6 P3 – To Gardiner’s Home R7 P1 – The Picture R7 P2 – Venus’s Plight R8 P1 – Venus’s Plight R8 P2 – The Garter R8 P3 – The Murder Weapon R9 P1 – The Murder Weapon R9 P2 – Evidence Montage R9 P3 – End Sequence R9 P4 – Cast Title Tango Once