Report: Paganini Guitar Festival 2024

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Castelnuovo-Tedesco at 2024 Paganini Guitar Festival

Italy was the theme of this year’s edition of the Paganini Guitar Festival, which took place in Parma, Italy from 23 – 27 May 2024. So it was not surprising that the director of the festival, Giampaolo Bandini, gave Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco’s music an important role. At the opening concert, no less than four works for guitar and orchestra were performed by exceptional soloists and the Orchestra “I Musici di Parma”. The composer’s granddaughters, Costanza and Diana, were among the audience in attendance. The following day, Marco Surace of the Italian music magazine Quinte Parallele interviewed Diana about her grandfather’s relationship with Italy.

The concert on 23 May 2024, held at the Auditorium del Carmine of the Parma Conservatory, included these works, all conducted by Maestro Bandini:

“It’s always a joy to hear Mario’s Concerto in D Major, which is undoubtedly one of his masterpieces! Perhaps because this work had great success from the very first performance, his other works for guitar and orchestra are seldom performed, even though they are equally beautiful. Unfortunately not even my grandfather had the chance to hear them during his lifetime,” Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco told the concert audience. “We are very grateful to Giampaolo Bandini and to all the artists involved for this rare opportunity to enjoy these works live.”

I Musici di Parma also performed an arrangement for chamber orchestra of the Capricho de Goya No.20 (“Obsequio al Maestro”), created especially for the evening by Giacomo Scaramuzza. 

On May 24 the conference “Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco and Italy” was held at the Casa della Musica. Marco Surace and Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco spoke about the composer’s relationship with his birthplace, Florence, and with Italian cultural and music figures of his time. Diana also highlighted the rediscovery of the composer’s music that has been happening in Italy in recent years.

Thank you to the Festival organizers, the performers, and to the public in attendance for the warm welcome in Parma! 

Foto: © Atelier Fotografico Fabio Boschi – Società dei Concerti di Parma – Paganini Guitar Festival. Top row, left to right: Gabriel Blanco; Adriano Del Sal; i Musici di Parma, conducted by Giampaolo Bandini at the opening concert of the Festival; Marco Surace and Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco; Bottom row, left to right: Duo Melis with Giampaolo Bandini; Ysé Dastugue; Davide Battistini, President of the Società dei Concerti di Parma, Diana Castelnuovo-Tedesco, and Massimo Felici, Director of the Parma Conservatory; Diana and Costanza Castelnuovo-Tedesco with young guitar students in attendance at the Festival.